Don’t Buy Grant Cardone University Until You Read This

If you’re coming to this article of mine, it’s almost certain that  you know of or have heard of Grant Cardone. Better yet, you’ve probably heard of Grant Cardone’s University program and you’re wondering if it’s right for you.

In this review, I’ll break down the program and give my honest assessment on whether you should buy it or not, the results may surprise you.

The Man, The Myth, The Legend

cardone university review

With over 30 years of experience in sales, hundreds of YouTube videos & podcast episodes, New York Times best-seller books and a real-estate empire, there is no wonder as to why you’ve heard of Grant Cardone. The man is always in your face because he is a master of sales.

As you grow in popularity, however, it’s normal to come across people who will begin to doubt you and wonder whether or not you’re just a scam artist or if you’re actually legit.

Hell, I’ve seen it in my own life. When I was poor, everybody loved me because we were all in the same boat. But now that I’ve started making an incredible living for myself and my family, there are those who will speak ill on your name behind your back, expect you to pick up the tab when your group goes on outings, and other crap.

After first stumbling upon Mr. Cardone, I didn’t like his style. His YouTube videos featured him making phone calls and he was asking for the sale without making small talk, he didn’t spend time on the phone with perspective clients as I’ve been taught to do.

grant cardone university

Years later, my sales didn’t increase any more then they were and it was when I found Grant’s videos again that I realized everything I was taught was wrong.

My entire programming in life was to be soft and delicate, and never push for the sale, and that is why customers weren’t giving me their business. I began to try Grant’s techniques in his YouTube videos and books and the results were astounding. I was finally making $18,000 per month! Up from my previous best month of $4,000 and I rarely hit that target.

Having just enrolled in Cardone University not too long ago, I can say that this raises the bar much higher and I am anticipating even bigger growth for my company.

Grant Cardone University

Cardone University is a sales training program. Actually, scratch that. It is quite literally a university on its own, boasting a huge collection of classes, courses, tutorials and materials that will help its students become better salesmen and saleswomen.

Depending on whether you are a personal business, or whether your business has various amount of employees, Grant’s team will custom tailor the program so that it fits perfectly with your business’ goals and sales targets.

grant cardone university review

Here are a few things that are included in the University:

1. Selling Basics

While you may believe that you don’t need to go over any basics if you’re an experienced salesperson, think again!

I was previously scraping by as a salesman compared to where I am now, just because my fundamentals were all wrong.

This section will help you create the proper mindset that will allow you to truly excel in the more advanced stages of the program.

You will also learn how to increase sales activity and how to manage your time best to convert more leads.

2. Sales Process

In this section, you will continue building on the foundations of the previous section and start adding more tricks to your repertoire.

This is done by learning vital presentation tips that you definitely weren’t using before. After all, you’ve got to present your product effectively to your consumer or else you’ll lose them.

Here you will also learn about some genius negotiation tactics that will help you convert those leads into clients while bringing in revenue.

I won’t spoil anymore in this section but the double client proposals portion is a game changer!

3. Theory of Closing

All can go well in a telephone call but it means nothing if you can’t close. And for some reason, I’ve met a lot of people who are so afraid of asking for the order, that they let it slip through their fingers. Oh wait, that was me!

Here you will learn about some of the mistakes you’re currently making and how you can drastically increase the amount of closes you make. Not to mention, a method on how to shorten the sales cycle in half, allowing you more time to call more leads and make more money.

4. Closing Strategies

This section will boost your confidence and help you better understand what both parties require in order to close a sale effectively.

You’ll also get hundreds of rebuttals, situational breakdowns and so much more.

5. Incoming Calls

6. Internet Lead Response

7. Prospecting

8. Follow-Up

9. 100 Ways to Stay Motivated

10. Top Traits of Great Salespeople

11. Salesperson Skills Assessment

12. Sales Opportunity Assessments

13. Online Training & Free E-Books


With Grant Cardone University, you’ll also have access to 2 bonus programs which are phenomenal:

  • Mastering the Cold Call which has 60 online videos to help sharpen your tools and make you a power player.
  • Mastermind Group which features 52 weekly coaching sessions, all online and live.

Final Verdict

If you are serious about increasing the amount of sales that you or your business brings, there probably isn’t a better program out there than Cardone University.

Better yet, I wish this was offered to me before I got into student loan debt with my university degree that I don’t use.

With this program, however, I was able to dramatically improve the quality of life for myself and my family. I grew my small business from a one man operation to a fully-fledged company that is taken seriously in our industry. I actually have employees, it’s a very weird feeling at times but I love it! I’m obsessed to get more of them!

Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting out, a salesperson working at a company, or an owner of a company that is looking to increase sales, this university program is probably a perfect fit for you.

Just read some of the user reviews from verified buyers besides mine:

Since my team engage in Cardone University for the past 2 years… especially the last 12 months when everyone is part of Cardone U, our team is on track to have our best year ever… $5M revenue in 2017… and our team has been inducted into INC 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

Bad grammar aside, that’s a pretty big accomplishment and I hope to raise my company to similar levels in 2018.

If you’re interested in subscribing to this incredible program, you can visit the link below. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you can increase your sales with the courses.

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