Horse Betting Systems: Best Way to Pick a Winning Horse

As an Englishman, I’ve had the privilege of growing up around horses and being a part of the culture that is so dear to our country. In fact, my older sister, till this day continues to participate in dressage competitions.

But, when it comes to these majestic animals, the thrill I enjoy most is horse racing. And even more so, I love to bet on them.

Best Way to Pick a Winning Horse

How I Found This Horse Betting System

Over the years, I’ve made a lot of money, but I’ve also lost a lot more. It wasn’t until I traveled to New York and met my university roommate, Andy Li, a Chinese exchange student, who introduced me to a horse betting system that actually worked!

You heard that right, he was Chinese. I asked Andy how he knew about horses and he said he didn’t know anything about them, and that he just followed a betting system service and that is was the best way to pick a winning horse.

I was a bit baffled by all of this because I would spend an hour or two researching horses, their previous track records, what other people online were saying and it wasn’t profitable for all the time I was wasting. And here was a foreign exchange student, who didn’t know anything about horses, making enough money to party in the dorm rooms. Andy studied hard but that man also liked to party.

Is this the Best Way to Pick a Winning Horse?

Since Andy already was a member with this betting system, I basically piggy-backed off of his picks and I was finally starting to win a lot of money on horse racing! While there still were some losing bets (its impossible to win them all), these picks made us enough money to travel across the United States during the summer break where Andy and I became really close friends.

And best of all, we even made a lot of money betting on them while we were vacationing since it’s all online.

After school was done, we split ways but I continued using the ZCode system to generate income. Oh right, I forgot to mention what the ZCode betting system actually is.

Basically, ZCode is a program that takes into account over 80 different algorithm parameters (depending on the sport) such as trainers, injuries, past results, pattern victory recognition, weather condition patterns and so forth.

You’re actually using statistics to win which is a lot better than using emotions. I’ve lost a great deal of money on emotions, and while I’ve lost small amounts with ZCode, I’ve made a lot more!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will this horse betting system make me rich?

Even though I am winning a lot of my picks, I am still controlling the size of my bets. This is because I do not want to assume that I will win every time.

Even if 3/4 of my bets are now wins, if I bet my entire bankroll and lost that one time, it would wipe away my entire profits.

If I continue to bet controlled amounts, then I have more control over my bankroll and I am consistently making a lot of money.

2) Do you always win?

Nothing in life is perfect, and you will win some and lose some. The good thing though is that you can win more than you lose. Just control how much you bet instead of going all-in every time.

3) How many bets should I lay each day?

This is totally up to you and I wouldn’t worry about this too much. I bet on more sports than just horse racing now because ZCode covers a lot sports so I can bet on about 2-5 events in a day, but I do take breaks too.

4) What other sports does it cover?

horse betting systems

Basically any sport imaginable:

  • Baseball
  • Hockey
  • Basketball
  • American Football
  • Football (Soccer)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Horse Racing

No rugby though which is a shame but that’s okay.

5) What’s your longest losing streak?

I went through my account recently to try to find that out and I think 6 picks were my longest losing streak, but I have such a long history that I just couldn’t check it all.

And this is why I stressed early on that you have to control how much you bet every single time.

In the end, those 6 lost picks didn’t matter because my longest streak was 14 and I more than made any money back that was lost.

6) What are some of the things you’ve bought with profits?

I would like to consider myself to be a pretty modest guy. I’m not going to go out and buy a Lamborghini to show off. That money can be used better.

I’ve used the money to go on some vacations, to fund my new business, invested in cryptocurrencies and I’ve donated some money to some causes that I believe in.

Trip to Cuba in 2015, Courtesy of ZCode


For me, the best way to pick a winning horse is letting ZCode do the work for me. Not only has it been a great horse betting system, but it has so many other sports picks that I’m spoiled year round with the money that I’m making.

While the monthly investment might scare some people, if you can make much more per month by using the membership, then how is it a problem? It’s a solution.

If you’re interested in using this system, then you can visit their link below.

They’ve also got a temporary discount offer going on right now for 15% off so I’d take advantage of that because I’m paying full price and still profiting.

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